Cartridge Nozzles, Bag Nozzles and Dosing Needles - Ready for Every Application

We carry the largest selection of different cartridge nozzles, bag nozzles and dosing tips from many well-known manufacturers such as Fischbach, Rika, Ritter, Semco, Sulzer Mixpac and Techcon.

Make your applications more efficient with the right nozzle.

Advantages of nozzles that match the application:

  • More accurate bonding repeatability compared to nozzles you cut yourself.
  • More efficient work when using application-specific nozzles, e.g. V-seam nozzles for window bonding in vehicle construction, wide slot nozzles (up to 40 cm wide) for surface application such as the installation of parquet flooring
  • Simplified adhesive application on angled and hard-to-reach surfaces with extra-long or rotatable nozzles

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