„Das Standardwerk der Klebbranche“

Joachim Rapp

Information about the Almanac

Almanach der manuellen Klebstoffapplikation

Almanach der manuellen Klebstoffapplikation

The Innotech Almanac is now in its fourth edition. It is a database and knowledge collection on all aspects of adhesive application. The Almanac aims to summarize all dispensing equipment, cartridges, static mixers, nozzles, and all other adhesive accessories and to provide practical information and tips on bonding. This theoretical and practical knowledge has been gathered by Joachim Rapp, the editor of the work, over 30 years of experience in the manual processing of adhesives and sealants.

The Almanac is the perfect companion for

Adhesive developers who are always looking for the right cartridge or dispenser.

Product managers of adhesive manufacturers and trading companies who want to complete their product range.

Adhesive users.

Instructors at universities or educational institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research IFAM in Bremen or the TechnologieCentrum Kleben.

Of course, we are also available to provide you with a personal consultation.

In the Almanac you will find

  • More than 750 cartridge guns; manual, pneumatic, and battery-operated with details on performance features such as pressure force, power ratio, weight, novelties, etc.
  • A price category system from 1(premium) to 5(lowest price).
  • All 1K and 2K cartridge systems
  • All mixer systems for 2K adhesives
  • All nozzle variants for 1K adhesives with different outlet cross sections
  • Other accessories for before and after adhesive application
  • A knowledge section which provides practical information and tips on the subject of bonding
  • A direct link to: industry associations, trade journals, educational institutions and the Innotech Youtube channel.

In order to be able to accurately represent the constant development of application equipment and accessories for you, we are continuously revising the almanac. To this end, we are in close contact with manufacturers, developers, and suppliers from 10 countries.

For intensive and practical training in adhesive bonding technology, we also recommend the training of adhesive bonders or adhesive specialists.

Do you have input for the Almanac?

At Innotech, we are looking worldwide for information on bonding that we can include in our Almanac. If you find that products are missing or you would like to contribute a technical article, we would be very pleased to receive an e-mail to

Your technical article in the Innotech Almanac

You can now also publish a technical article in the Manual Adhesive Application Almanac.

Your advantages:

  • Increased visibility of your company
  • Target group-oriented approach
  • Placement of your logo in the article
  • 4-5 lines about the company or the author with picture
  • QR code with link to your website
  • Publication of your technical article on Innotech's social media channels and website
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If you are interested in the Almanac

You can purchase the Almanac from us for €49.99.

to the product (english edition)

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Almanach rund um Kleben und Dichten

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Alexander Hayes

Alexander Hayes

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