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Weather you need sourcing, re-packaging into smaller quantities, labelling or worldwide shipping of products, samples or even dangerous goods - we do it on your behalf! Security is of high priority. With our parcel tracking we know at all times where your shipments are. In just this part of our business we ship over 7000 parcels per year!

What We Offer

  • Active inventory management. We offer a special password protected login on our website where our customers individually can see daily updates.
  • Filling/repackaging by specification into cartridges, lab bottles, cans, buckets and hobbocks. We have special hobbocks mixers for 10kg and 25kg.
  • Labelling of samples with customised or neutral labels and danger signs if needed.
  • Stocking and storing of materials and packaging to set minimum quantities by the customer.
  • Monitoring expiry dates.
  • Professional and adequate disposal of expired materials.
  • Order intake by Fax or email. We can create a specific email address for you, e.g. customername@innotech.de.
  • Daily order processing.
  • Worldwide shipping – even dangerous goods! We include safety information where required and instructed.
  • Issuing proforma invoices for shipments outside EU.
  • Monthly collective invoicing through a frame contract with details listed.
  • Tracking – the client receives a confirmation email as soon as shipment is on its way.
  • Note: We also handle the samples in the cars of your Sales Representatives.
Buruk Sen

Contact person for adhesive logistics planning

Buruk Sen
Head of Project Management

Phone: +49 (0) 7253 – 98 88 55 24
Mobile: +49 (0) 176 22273899

Vanessa Dittmann

Contact person for adhesive logistics HENKEL

Vanessa Dittmann
Head of Project Management

Phone: +49 (0) 7253 – 98 88 55 12

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Innotech Marketing und
Konfektion Rot GmbH

Schönbornstraße 8
69242 Rettigheim - Mühlhausen

Phone: (+49) 7253 - 98 88 55 0

E-Mail: verkauf@innotech-rot.de

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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