3D Printed Accessories and Resins

Customized special nozzles and static mixers using 3D printing technology

The last but decisive centimeter of adhesive!

The challenge for every customer is that the standard nozzle is not the optimum application method for almost any adhesive application.

With our customized cartridge tips and static mixers, we offer solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your industrial bonding processes with repeatable accuracy.

3D printed adhesive nozzles and standard mixers. © Innotech

3D printed adhesive nozzles and standard mixers. © Innotech

Your advantages:

  1. Glue more efficiently: With our custom nozzles perfectly matched to your specific requirements, your adhesive can be applied more accurately and evenly.

  2. Minimize adhesive consumption: Precise application means less waste and therefore lower costs. Individual bead geometries allow you to significantly reduce adhesive consumption.
  3. Reduce process times: The number of application steps is significantly reduced, thanks to adhesive nozzles up to 30 cm wide.
  4. Reduce costs: By reducing material waste and process times, you can achieve significant cost savings.
3D-Druck Construction

The 3D solution case - For all adhesive manufacturers and distributors!

The 3D solution case is the perfect sales tool, especially for all adhesive manufacturers and distributors. It offers a wide range of possibilities to demonstrate new options within customized bonding applications with 3D-printed special nozzles and to present your adhesives in a suitable way.

The advantages

  • Your professional external appearance: Individual design options, e.g. with your LOGO/article number on the case
  • Everything from a single source: Large selection of 3D printed special nozzles that you can provide to your sales/field sales team
  • Individual packaging: Various prefabricated compartments for individual sampling of your products/adhesives at the customer's premises
  • Easy to carry: Portable and compact solution for your sales team

Don't be satisfied with standard nozzles! Your adhesive application deserves more!

3D- Solution Case by Innotech - Loctite Sample Case (Source: Innotech)

3D- Solution Case by Innotech - Loctite Sample Case (Source: Innotech)

Request your indiviual solution today free of charge and without obligation!

Mail:  3ddruck@innotech-rot.de

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