Abfüllung Gefahrstoffe

We fill your product in your desired packaging

Contract Fillings

We fill your product in your desired packaging. From a quantity of 1, we will take care of fast filling for you. We have all types of cartridges and other types of packaging in our range. So you always have the right container size for your application, whether for a repair solution, better process reliability or sample sizes - we will help you.

Filling in cartridges, special sizes, cans and bottles


We fill any material in 1K or 2K cartridges for you. In addition, we take over the complete packaging and labeling of the cartridges for you.

Special Sizes

Your product is not available in cartridges, but you need a solution? With our market overview of all mixing ratios that can be achieved using cartridges, we will find the perfect solution for you. We can also map mixing ratios of 1.66: 1 or 3.75: 1 for you using cartridges.

Cans and Bottles

Different sizes of cans and bottles complete our portfolio. We have the right packaging for every adhesive, bonding agent or primer and, in addition to filling, we are also happy to take over the logistics for you.

Buruk Sen

Contact Person Contract Fillings

Buruk Sen
Head of Project Management

Tel.: +49 (0) 7253 – 98 88 55 24
Mobil: +49 (0) 176 22273899


Innotech Marketing und
Konfektion Rot GmbH

Schönbornstraße 8
69242 Rettigheim - Mühlhausen

Phone: (+49) 7253 - 98 88 55 0

E-Mail: verkauf@innotech-rot.de

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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