Henkel Bonding Logistics

Logistical Services On Behalf Of Henkel

  • Sample Stock, filling, packaging, and sending of samples of Teroson/Loctite products incl. accessories
  • Worldwide shipping (including dangerous goods)
  • Servicing of cartridges dispensers by Teroson/Loctite as well as other Teroson devices
  • Producing and shipping of dry samples or rather bonding samples

Find the product range for Henkel sample logistics here with over 1000 different well-known brands by Henkel, Teroson, and Loctite. Some of the product names are Macroplast, Terostat, Loctite, Adhesin, Technomelt, Macromelt, and Omnifit. Find more details on our website in the customer log-in area.

Are you part of the Henkel Sales Team, but have no log-in details yet? Contact us by email and you will receive the details. 

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Vanessa Dittmann

Vanessa Dittmann
Head of Project Management

Phone: +49 (0) 7253 – 98 88 55 12

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