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Adhesive dispensers – 750 different models from over 24 manufacturers

The largest selection of cartridge presses worldwide. Whether manual cartridge presses, battery cartridge presses or compressed air cartridge presses, you are guaranteed to find the right device with us. All cartridge presses from your portfolio can be purchased from us just in time. In addition, we have the spare parts in stock and take over the repair service and the complete warranty processing for you. Compare our cartridge presses from five price categories on request with your logo – as a label or printed with 2K lacquer. Do you have special requirements that cannot be met by the cartridge presses on the market? No problem, together with our partners we develop hand-operated, battery-operated and compressed air guns tailored to your needs and requirements. From advice and sales to repair and service, we are always at your side as specialists.

Also discover our wide range of adhesive accessories.

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