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Innotech News, 24.11.2021

NEW: Use our product database in English! 🇬🇧

We Tested: Which dispenser tool is the right one to extrude the industrial adhesive Teroson MS9360?

Cordless or pneumatic? Watch this video to see the comparison between the Panasonic EY3610 with 3.6V battery and the compressed air operated Powerline 1 with telescopic rod.

CK 400-85-01 DP 400 Mixpac™ Umrüstsatz DP

Add YOUR LOGO to the COX Powerflow Combi Dispenser

A new Service at Innotech!

We add YOUR LOGO to the COX applicators!

With a special paint print we can apply one or two colour logos or your tagline/slogan to the barrel, frame or front plate (only dual component) of the dispensers.

Enquire now!

Cox Powerflow Combi 310ml mit Logo

MK-Krøger - MK applicators, Sulzer Mixpac Service Centre

We will be able to offer our customers even better service, as we will also soon stock and handle all products and spare parts of the MK-Krøger range.

Here a small overview of the well-known dispensing tools made in Denmark.



COX Powerclamp

The COX Powerclamp – one hand operated for clamping things like wood or metal. By changing the position of the feet it also can be used as a spreader to keep e. g. drawers or door frames in place.

- Ergonomically designed handle

- Easy handling, single hand operation

- Simply converted to spreader function

- Quick Release Trigger for fast positioning

- Made from high quality heat treated steel

- Non-corroding

- Available in 4 sizes, from 30-90 cm working sizes

Available at Innotech. Contact us to enquire!


Automechanika Dubai – Innotech takes part for the first time!

We are currently presenting the high quality dispensers of renowned manufacturers at the AUTOMEHANIKA in DUBAI - no imitations or cheap imports from the Far East, but only MADE IN UK, CH and DK. Unfortunately, we could not achieve a adequate sponsoring – and with that a considerably better exhibition presents - by the manufacturer of the sealant and adhesive dispensers. BUT we want to convince the Executive Board of our success here and that it is indeed a great investment, which we want and should participate in next time!

This year we will reach our set business target at Innotech - we are on the way of becoming NO 1 worldwide when it come to the knowhow and distribution of high quality cartridge and sachet dispensing tools.

We currently stock 600 different models (manual/pneumatic/battery operated) for one or multi component materials – in sizes from 10ml to 6800ml.

Yours faithfully

Joachim Rapp

Innotech at the Automechanika Dubai 2017

How to apply Primer Solutions? Find out all possibilities here!

In this video we are showing 4 possibilities to apply priming solutions. We have used the black primer Teroson PU 8521.

Method 1: primer brush

Method 2: wool wiper

Method 3: primer bottle with felt tip

Method 4: primer sponge

The result:

The brush and wiper deliver poor results (dust and hairs on the surface). The primer bottle is great for priming edges of surfaces, but the handling can be complicated. The sponge offers an even application of the priming solution without impurities.

Visit our priming accessories here.

Primer Teroson PU 8521 Tutorial Video

MK Dispenser and Spare Parts now in stock!

Receiving the first delivery (one truck load!) from Denmark today, enables us to offer and deliver all MK dispensers, accessories and spare parts (based on the range from 2016) promptly!

Fast delivery times from now on! – We will look after the German MK Krøger customers in the same supportive way we are already looking after the (former) COX customers. Please send your enquiries to

MK Dispenser

Professional Training in Bonding Techniques – The Original now also available in the South-West

Innotech Marketing and Konfektion Rot GmbH is as of now co-operation partner of IFAM Bremen – the bonding training centre in Germany. This means the training is also available now in the South-West!

With the training centres so far in Bremen, Hamburg, Rostock and Ulm we can now offer another site in Rettigheim, where the professional training to a bonding expert (intermendiate (EAB) and advanced level (EAS))is available.

Because of the DIN2304 and the necessity to progress in ensuring quality standards when bonding, a lot of new demands are made in the market. These specifically meet our partner’s approval and large organisations in the area are keen for their employees to take part in these training courses.

“It makes me very proud as founder and Managing Director of Innotech to be the only co-operation partner of IFAM Bremen in this industry. This doubles our motivation to teach all participants the theoretical and practical basics and skills of bonding techniques, which modern businesses use to successfully implement and carry out in their processes.” Mr. Joachim Rapp

Fraunhofer IFAM Contract Signing

Register NOW! IFAM EAS Refresher Course

The Fraunhofer IFAM (Institut Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung) is holding a refresher course for all DVS® / EWF Bonding Experts from 3.-5. March 2017. Under the subject “Bonding in Bremen” Mr. Rapp will hold a training course about the possibilities of handheld sealant and adhesive dispensers. This is a great opportunity for all participants to gain up-to-date knowledge for a bonding qualification.

More infos here:

Please contact us for English courses:

Fraunhofer IFAM EAS Refresher Course

Mr. Joachim Rapp – Certified Bonding Expert (EAS)

Our Managing Director Mr. Joachim Rapp took part in a three-week training course at the Fraunhofer IFAM (Institut Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung). The overall topic “Bonding Techniques and Surfaces” was divided into different training sessions with different focal points. Mr. Rapp passed all exams with flying colours and is now officially a DVS® / EWF Bonding Expert.

Mr. Joachim Rapp DVS® / EWF - Bonding Expert (EAS)

Increase Surface Tension with Cold Activated Plasma

Did you know you can influence the strength and quality of the bond an adhesive makes on a surface?

For an optimal bond the wetting properties play a crucial role. Often these are far from perfect, but there are different methods out there to increase surface tension and as a result the quality of the bond the adhesive creates. You can do a simple water drop test to find out the surface tension of the materials you would like to bond.

A new method is to treat the surface with cold activated plasma. The plasma treatment enables the surface tension to rise and improve the wetting properties. Find the NEW plasma device piezobrush® PZ2and other solutions for surface treatments on our website.

Waterdrop Test with Contact Angle

COX MR50 – The Allrounder for 50ml Dual Component Cartridges

Our tutorial video is now online

The COX manual operated dispenser MR50 is ideal for the use of all 50ml dual component cartridges variants. By just changing the breech this dispenser takes the industrial and the S-type version cartridges available. The plungers are colour coded and available for all different ratios. Grey is for the industrial type cartridge (rectangular flange) and blue for the S-type cartridge (rounded flange). The MR50 is available at Innotech as a complete set or individually put together to fit your requirements.

COX MR50 - Die Handpistole für alle 50ml Doppelkartuschen

Innotech becomes official Member of GFAV

Innotech is now member of the GFAV association (supporting bonding techniques). We are very pleased and are looking forward to working together.

Find details here:


A Warm Welcome

We are delighted to introduce our new colleague Ms Laura Rieth, who joined us on the 1st December 2016. She is supporting us in the finance department and we wish her a very good start and a great future at Innotech.

Laura News

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