Other Flame coating devices FB25

Price Category Price Cat. 3
Price Category Price Cat. 3

Flame coating devices FB25

Flammenbeschichtungsgeräte FB25Flammenbeschichtungsgeräte FB25Flammenbeschichtungsgeräte FB25

Flame coating devices FB25

The FB25 is a handy surface silicatisation unit that works on the principle of flame pyrolysis. The pressure vessel inside the unit contains a special gas mixture. This mixture is completely burnt in a gas flame. A firmly adhering amorphous silicate layer forms on the surface of the workpiece. The FB 25 is used for manual flame treatment and for silicating small and medium-sized parts whose surface area to be treated is ideally less than 100cm2.

Manufacturer:Keine Angabe
Category:Surface Treatment
Price Category 3

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