Techcon Systems Dispenser 310ml cartridges

Price Category Price Cat. 3
Price Category Price Cat. 3

Dispenser 310ml cartridges

Dosiereinheit 310ml KartuschenDosiereinheit 310ml KartuschenDosiereinheit 310ml Kartuschen

Techcon Systems
Dispenser 310ml cartridges

The Techcon pneumatic Dispensing Tool is designed to accommodate standard 310 ml Euro Cartridges. The tool provides infinite control of line or dot dispensing and can withstand up to 6.9 bar (100 psi) pressure. Shipped complete with an 0.9 m air hose with quick connector to adopt to a TS250 or TS350 digital controller.

Manufacturer:OK International, Inc.
Origin:Great Britain
Category:Special Solutions
Art.-No.:ITR4223 + TC1000
Price Category 3

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