KVT Dispenser KDG 1000-6

Price Category Price Cat. 1
Price Category Price Cat. 1

Dispenser KDG 1000-6

KVT Dosiergerät KDG 1000-6KVT Dosiergerät KDG 1000-6KVT Dosiergerät KDG 1000-6

Dispenser KDG 1000-6

Control range pressure regulator 1.0–6.0 bar. The KDG 1000 is suitable for the exact application of flowable media such as adhesives (including anaerobic, cyanoacrylates, silicones, epoxies) lubricants and solvents, lacquers, paints, pastes, etc. in the viscosity range from 1 mPas (water) to highly viscous and pasty materials. The unit is designed to generate pressure surges and vacuum with precisely defined and reproducible characteristics. The pneumatic system in the unit never comes into direct contact with the dispensing media when handled correctly.

Manufacturer:KVT-Fastening AG
Category:Special Solutions
Price Category 1

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