Techcon Systems Dispenser 2C 50ml cartridges 10:1

Price Category Price Cat. 3
Price Category Price Cat. 3

Dispenser 2C 50ml cartridges 10:1

Dosiergerät 2K 50mlDosiergerät 2K 50mlDosiergerät 2K 50ml

Techcon Systems
Dispenser 2C 50ml cartridges 10:1

The digital dispensers of the TS250 series dose low, medium and high viscosity media equally accurately and consistently. The units are equipped with a digital timer and a continuously adjustable retention vacuum for low to high viscosity media. The TS250 comes ready to use with mains adapter, foot switch, compressed air hose, dispensing needles, cartridges and cartridge adapter. In combination with the Dual Syringe Dispenser, 2C 50ml cartridges can be dispensed.

Manufacturer:OK International, Inc.
Origin:Great Britain
Category:Special Solutions
Art.-No.:TC1000 + TC1008
Price Category 3

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