Cartridge Nordson 2C Coaxial cartridges

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2C Coaxial cartridges

Nordson Coaxial KartuschenNordson Coaxial KartuschenNordson Coaxial Kartuschen
  • 2C Coaxial Cartridge

2C Coaxial cartridges

The 2C Coaxial empty cartridges from the renowned manufacturer Nordson Deutschland GmbH are specifically designed for the use of 2C adhesives and sealants. With their threaded connection, they allow for easy attachment to static mixers for dispensing. The unique design of the 380-ml coaxial cartridge consists of a cylindrical inner and outer tube, enabling a consistent dosing of two components in a 10:1 mixing ratio. The cartridge comes with an integrated twist valve that opens and closes the cartridge, eliminating the need for an additional plug or retaining nut. Pre-installed plugs facilitate front filling.

Manufacturer:Nordson Deutschland GmbH
Packaging Type:Coaxial Cartridge
Connection:Threaded connection
Price Category 2
  • 2C Coaxial Cartridge

Variants of 2C Coaxial cartridges

VarianteCapacityMaterialMixture RatiosColorArt.-No.
380 Coaxial cartridgeCapacity: 380mlMaterial: NylonMixture Ratios: 10:1Color: whiteArt.-No.: ITR1204

Pictures of 2C Coaxial cartridges

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