LORD Mixer

LORD Mixer MBHX 06-20T SAP 3019435

Static mixer MBHX 06-20T

SAP 3019435

Product Code: ITR1063

Static mixer MBHX 06-20T – the standard mixer for SULZER Mixpac B-system cartridges and LORD adhesives 4:1 and 10:1, like LORD 403E/19 GB, LORD 403E/19B, LORD 403E/17, LORD 406E/19GB, LORD 406E/19B, LORD 406E/17, LORD 410/17, LORD 410/19B structural adhesive.

In stock at Innotech and immediately available - also in small quantities.

ITR1063  Static Mixer MBHX 06-20T

LORD Mixer LP-50ml MAH 06-21T SAP 3004476

Static mixer MAH 06-21T – the standard mixer 50ml 1:1 twin cartridges

SAP 3004476

Product Code: ITR1003

To be used with some adhesives by Loctite and LORD – can also be used instead of the small QUARO mixer MAQ 05-24 with low pressure.

For adhesives like LORD 810/20 (2:1), LORD 320 310B black, LORD 320/322, LORD 7542 A/B, LORD 7545 A/C, LORD 7555 A/C, and other LORD PU und epoxy adhesives.

In stock at Innotech and immediately available - also in small quantities.

ITR1003 Static Mixer MAH 06-21T

LORD Mixer MFHX 08-18T SAP 3019722

Static mixer MFX 08-18 (MFHX 08-18T) – for use with SULZER Mixpac F-system twin cartridges, 415ml (4:1).

SAP 3019722

Product Code: ITR1036

Used with products like LORD 403E/19B, LORD 403E/19GB, LORD 406E/19GB, LORD 406E/19B and other LORD 415ml structural adhesives in cartridges.

Also for other 415ml twin cartridges.

The static mixer MFHX 08-18T is in stock at Innotech and also available in small quantities

ITR1042 Static Mixer MFHX 10-18T

LORD MFHX 10-24T SAP 3019736

Static mixer MFHX 10-24T

To be used with Sulzer Mixpac F-system twin cartridges 490ml (10:1).

SAP 3019436

Products Code:ITR1043

Used with adhesives like: LORD 403E/17, LORD 406E/17, LORD 410E/17, LORD 663/17, LORD 606/17, LORD structural adhesives.

Also for other 490ml twin cartridges.

The static mixer MFHX 10-24T is in stock at Innotech and also available in small quantities.

ITR1043 Static Mixer MFHX 10-24T

LORD Mixer MCH 10-24T SAP 3001178

LORD Mixer MCH 10-24T for LORD 7555A-C and LORD 7556A-C in 400ml twin cartridges.

SAP 3001178

Product Code: ITR1007

ITR1007 Static Mixer MCH 10-24T

LORD Mixer MBHX 05-16T

Product Code: ITR1018

Static Mixer MBHX 05-16T ITR 1018

LORD Mixer MCH 08-24T

Product Code: ITR1020

ITR1020 Static Mixer MCH 08-24T

LORD Mixer MFH 08-24T

Product Code:ITR1457

ITR1457 Static Mixer MFH 08-24T

LORD Mixer MBQ 05-16L

Products Code: ITR1066

ITR1066 Static Mixer Quadro MBQ 05-16L

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