LORD Primer

Primer LORD 459X Sap 3002035

Primer LORD 459X Sap 3002035

Packaging unit: 4 gallons of primer per box

Samples available (0.5l)

Primer LORD 459X SAP 3002035

Wooden Spatula/Applicator Set

In stock. Available in sets of 50 or 100.

Dimensions: 17x150mm

This product is also part of the LORD demo case.

Wooden Spatula

Special LORD Quality Cleaning Wipes

Special LORD quality cleaning wipes – extra strong.

Recommended by LORD Germany and also part of the LORD demo case.

Available in packs of 50. In stock.

Cleaning Wipes Extra Strong 30x35cm

Metal Laboratory Bowls

Metal Laboratory Bowls. These are for testing purposes. See also wooden spatulas.

50 bowls per packaging unit. In stock and also part of the LORD demo case.

Metall Bowl

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