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Semco Products by PPG

Semco Standard Nozzles

Semco Standard Nozzles

Semco Cartridges and Accessories

Semco Cartridges and Accessories

Semco Nozzles, Adapters and Dosing Tips

The following Nozzles are available for various applications:

Semco Nozzle Chart

Semco Nozzle Chart

Semco Fillet Weld Nozzles

Semco fillet weld (hollow) nozzles are ideal for applications of sealants of overlapping surfaces or hollow welds. No need for reworking (with a spatula) when using this nozzle.

The Semco fillet weld nozzles have a 6.35mm outer thread (1/4") and fit the Semco empty cartridges in the sizes 1, 2 1⁄2, 6, 8, 12, 20 and 32 oz. as well as 310ml.

  • Nozzle 425 Product Code ITR1675
  • Nozzle 426 Product Code ITR1674
  • Nozzle 427 Product Code ITR1673
  • Nozzle 428 Product Code ITR1671
  • Nozzle 429 Product Code ITR1672

Semco Wide Nozzles

Semco wide nozzles – precision formed disposable nozzles. Various specialised nozzles available in different lengths and diameters.

With a 6.35mm (1/4") outer thread these nozzles fit all standard empty cartridges (1, 2 1⁄2, 6, 8, 12, 20 and 32 oz. as well as 310ml).

  • Nozzle 8613 Product Code ITR1651
  • Nozzle 8615 Product Code ITR1652
  • Nozzle 8630 Product Code ITR1659
  • Nozzle 8643 Product Code ITR1653
  • Nozzle 8645 Product Code ITR1655
  • Nozzle 8648 Product Code ITR1665

Semco Dosing Tips Series TT

Dosing nozzles/tips for maximum material flow. Made from polyethylene these dosing nozzles series TT have a conical shape and are ideal for use with higher viscous materials.


  • TT14 colour light pink Product Code ITR1809
  • TT16 colour grey Product Code ITR1810
  • TT18 colour green Product Code ITR1811
  • TT20 colour pink Product Code ITR1812
  • TT22 colour blue Product Code ITR1813
  • TT24 colour red Product Code ITR1814

Semco TT Needle Series

Semco Dosing Dispensers

Pneumatic dosing tools for the quiet applications of sealant and adhesive materials.

Semco Dosing Dispenser Model 350

The Semco 350 pneumatic dosing dispenser has been developed for the aerospace and electronics industry.


  • Reduced material costs
  • Precise application of material
  • Light weight
  • Operating pressure 0-6.9bar
  • Quick change cap for easy and fast change of cartridges
  • Robust and shock-proof design
  • Material flow can be controlled by pressure dial
  • Active control for smooth and even application of material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Silent operation

Semco Dosing Dispenser Model 250-A


  • Reduced material costs
  • Precise application of material
  • Light weight
  • Handle can be removed for use in difficult and narrow spaces
  • Operating pressure 0-6.9bar
  • Available in the following sizes: 1, 2 1⁄2, 6, 8 and 12oz.
  • Quick change cap for easy and fast change of cartridges
  • Robust and shock-proof design
  • Material flow can be controlled by finger pressure
  • Active control for smooth and even application of material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Silent operation

Semco Cartridge Dispenser 205-A ITR1695

Semco Cartridge Holder for Dosing Dispenser

Hands-free system by Semco

Semco Cartridge Holder for Dosing Dispenser ITR1696

Connector for HFS

Semco Connector for HFS ITR1700

Semco Empty Cartridges and Accessories

Semco cartridges by PPG are available in an ecru colour either made from hard or soft polyethylene. They are available in the following sizes: 1, 2 1⁄2, 6, 8, 12, 20 and 32oz and also 310ml.

Other colours are available subject to availability and minimum order quantity.

The cartridges are suitable for various chemical materials and can be used with pneumatic and manual operated dispensers.

Examples of materials can be: 1K materials, pre-mixed soldering pastes, adhesives, epoxies, urethanes, greases, lubricants and acylics.

Fitted plungers enable for the cartridge to be filled through the front opening (where the nozzle is placed later) to avoid air bubbles and consequently increase productivity.

Empty cartridges WITHOUT piston:

  • Empty cartridge 30ml (1oz) LD ITR1751
  • Empty cartridge 30ml (1oz) HD ITR1752
  • Empty cartridge 65ml (2.5oz) LD ITR1753
  • Empty cartridge 65ml (2.5oz) HD ITR1754
  • Empty cartridge 170ml (6oz) LD ITR1755
  • Empty cartridge 170ml (6oz) HD ITR1756
  • Empty cartridge 230ml (8oz) LD ITR1757
  • Empty cartridge 230ml (8oz) HD ITR1758
  • Empty cartridge 340ml (12oz) LD ITR1759
  • Empty cartridge 340ml (12oz) HD ITR1760
  • Empty cartridge 610ml (20oz) HD ITR1761
  • Empty cartridge 950ml (32oz) LD ITR1762
  • Empty cartridge 950ml (32oz) HD ITR1763
  • Empty cartridge 310ml (1/10 gallon) LD ITR1764
  • Empty cartridge 310ml (1/10 gallon) HD ITR1765

Semco Plunger for Empty Cartridges

The plungers are available in three different types. Every type has specific features. All of them are precisely designed to fit cartridges perfectly and for the cartridges to be emptied without any waste of material left behind.

  • Wiper Plunger (WP) highest amount of interference with the cartridge wall and provides the most complete wiping action
  • P-plunger (P) with medium interference; provides clean wiping action, inserts easily and allows evacuation of entrapped air
  • PRS-plunger (PRS) pressure relief plunger with the least interference; specifically designed to be easily inserted and to reduce air entrapment during filling and dispensing.

Plunger Range:

  • 1 oz. WP-plunger LD ITR1766
  • P- plunger LD schwarz ITR1767
  • WP- plunger LD ITR1768
  • WP- plunger HD ITR1769
  • PRS- plunger LD ITR1770
  • 20/32 oz. WP- plunger LD ITR1771
  • 20/32 oz. WP- plunger HD ITR1772
  • 310 ml WP- plunger LDITR1773

Semco Empty Cartridges with Plungers

The suitable P or WP plungers have already been fitted in the list of CP and CWP cartridges below. This enables the filling through the nozzle opening to reduce air bubbles.

Empty cartridges with fitted plungers:

  • Empty cartridge 65ml, CP 2.5oz LD ITR1774
  • Empty cartridge 65ml, CP 2.5oz HD ITR1775
  • Empty cartridge 170ml, CP 6oz LD ITR1776
  • Empty cartridge 170ml, CP 6oz HD ITR1777
  • Empty cartridge 230ml, CP 8oz LD ITR1778
  • Empty cartridge 230ml, CP 8oz HD ITR1779
  • Empty cartridge 340ml, CP 12oz LD ITR1780
  • Empty cartridge 340ml, CP 12oz HD ITR1781
  • Empty cartridge 30ml, CWP 1oz LD ITR1772
  • Empty cartridge 65ml, CWP 2.5oz LD ITR1783
  • Empty cartridge 65ml, CWP 2.5oz HD ITR1784
  • Empty cartridge 170ml, CWP 6oz LD ITR1785
  • Empty cartridge 170ml, CWP 6oz HD ITR1786
  • Empty cartridge 230ml, CWP 8oz LD ITR1787
  • Empty cartridge 230ml, CWP 8oz HD ITR1788
  • Empty cartridge 340ml, CWP 12oz LD ITR1789
  • Empty cartridge 340ml, CWP 12oz HD ITR1790
  • Empty cartridge 610ml, CWP 20oz HD ITR1791
  • Empty cartridge 950ml, CWP 32oz SHD white ITR1792
  • Empty cartridge 310ml, (1/10 gallon), CWP 310ml HD ITR1793

Semco Hybrid Syringe Barrel 5ml – 55ml

The patented Semco hybrid syringe barrels reduce air-entrapment by eliminating the sharp corners found in most traditional syringes. The radius neck reduces voids or pockets of air created during filling. Barrels are moulded of polypropylene and are manufactured silicone free.

The hybrid syringe range is available in natural, black, and light blue UV block as standard.

Hybrid syringe range:

  • Syringe 5ml natural Product Code: ITR1722
  • Syringe 5ml natural Product Code: ITR1723
  • Syringe 5ml natural Product Code: ITR1724
  • Syringe 5ml natural Product Code: ITR1725

Semco Cartridge Syringes

Semco Hybrid Pistons

There are three different pistons to meet your application needs:

  • Micro-interference fitting P-piston
  • Low friction piston (LF)
  • Non-interference fitting piston (NI).

The higher the interference, the cleaner the wiping action on the inner diameter of the syringe barrel. However, this increases the potential for air-entrapment.

Testing a variety of pistons will help to find the right product for your material and application.

Material: Moulded from polyethylene

Meets the rigid requirements of high tech industries.

Hybrid pistons range:

  • WP-Piston 5ml, manual, Product Code: ITR1726
  • Plunger 5ml, manual, Product Code: ITR1727
  • P-Piston 5ml, manual, yellow, Product Code: ITR1728
  • WP-Piston 5ml, red, Product Code: ITR1729
  • WP-Piston 10ml, manual, Product Code: ITR1730
  • Plunger 10ml, manual, Product Code: ITR1731
  • P-Piston 10ml, yellow, Product Code: ITR1732
  • WP-Piston 10ml, red, Product Code: ITR1733
  • LF-Piston 10ml, white, Product Code: ITR1734
  • NI-Piston 10ml, blue, Product Code: ITR1735
  • WP-Piston 30ml, manual, Product Code: ITR1736
  • Plunger 30ml, manual, Product Code: ITR1737
  • P-Piston 30ml/55ml, yellow, Product Code: ITR1738
  • WP-Piston 30ml/55ml, red, Product Code: ITR1739
  • LF-Piston 30ml/55ml, white, Product Code: ITR1740
  • NI-Piston 30ml/55ml, blue, Product Code: ITR1741
  • WPHI-Piston 30ml/55ml, green, Product Code: ITR1742

Semco Hybrid Pistons

Semco End Caps

Flange caps are designed to seal the large open end of the syringe, ensuring the piston is contained and that contaminants do not come in contact with material during storage and shipment.

All hybrid flange caps have a “safety lock” feature. In order to remove the cap, the user must detach the safety seal, which is then used as a pull ring to remove the cap, clearly identifying if the product has been opened.

Flange cap range:

  • Flange cap 5ml, Product Code: ITR1743
  • Flange cap 10ml, Product Code: ITR1744
  • Flange cap 30ml/55ml, Product Code: ITR1745

Semco End Caps for Hybrid Syringes

Semco Tip Caps for Hybrid Syringes

Tip caps are used to seal the syringe dispensing tip during storage and shipment.

Please contact us for details on the three different types (Luer-Lock and Luer-Slip models)

  • Black spike tip cap ITR1746
  • Grey rubber cap ITR1747
  • Red plastic cap ITR1748


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