Innotech GmbH


Compatible and Practical Accessories For Your Specific Bonding Requirements

Customer Service and distribution worldwide of mixers, nozzles, empty cartridges, priming accessories and other “little helpers” for applications or surface treatments.

  • Competent and individual support for your application requirements
  • Latest products and processes for applying and dispensing
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Small and large scale order processing and shipping

We have 20 years of experience and the biggest range of accessories for sealant and adhesive dispensing tools from different manufacturers as well as static mixers, quadro mixers, sachet nozzles and sachet adaptors.

Achieving the ideal application

  • Choose your material volume or have us fill your material in a suitable container (sachets or empty aluminium or plastic cartridges)
  • Decide on the application process (e.g. bead pattern by using a special nozzle or static mixer)
  • Treat your surface before the application (e.g. with a primer) to maximise the bond or adhesion strength