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Loctite Static Mixers and Quadro Mixers

IDH 780805 Loctite Mixer

Loctite Mixer 780805, available in 10 per pack. The cap nut is separately available.

This mixer is used with materials like Teroson PU 6700, Terokal 5055, Terokal 5010TR and Terocore 1401.

ITR1044 Quadro Mixer MCQ 10-24T

Loctite Cap Nut for IDH 780805

The Quadro cap nut is to be used with the mixer 780805. This nut is needed when using Teroson PU 6700, Terokal 5055, Terokal 5010TR, Terocore 1401.

ITR1048 Cap Nut for Static Mixer UM1079PP

Loctite Mixer IDH 1034575 for Loctite 3038

This mixer is for Loctite 3038 in 50ml twin cartridges.

Loctite 3038 Mixer Nozzle IDH 1034575

Loctite Mixer IDH 1453183 for Loctite 3090

This Loctite mixer is to be used with Loctite 3090.

Loctite 3090 Mixer Nozzle IDH 1453183

Loctite Mixer IDH 1467955 for Loctite V5004

This Loctite mixer is to be used with Loctite V5004.

ITR1066 Static Mixer Quadro MBQ 05-16L

Loctite Mixer IDH 1487439 for Loctite 9492

This Loctite mixer in red is used with all two component Loctite epoxy adhesives in 400ml twin cartridges, like Loctite 9492.

Loctite Mixer Nozzle IDH 14874396 Red

Loctite Mixer IDH 1487440

This Loctite mixer in red is for all two component Loctite and Hysol adhesives in 50ml twin cartridges, like Loctite 9492, Loctite 9480, Loctite 9466, M-121, Loctite 3430 and many more.

Loctite Mixer Nozzle IDH 1487440 Quadro Mixer

Loctite Mixer IDH 874905

This mixer MGQ 08-24 is used with materials like Loctite SI 5616.

ITR1062 Static Quadro Mixer MGQ 08-20D


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