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REKA Bonding Technology

REKA – Innotech's new partner

REKA products are made exclusively in Germany and broaden the portfolio of Innotech’s heating technology range. Glue sticks, granules, bonding capsules – even PUR adhesives in 310ml AL-cartridges can be used with this technology. The Adhesives can be applied by spraying, beading or as a dot

Controllable Cartridge Heater up to 160°C

Controllable Cartridge Heater up to 160°C

Product Code: ITR1607

Regelbares Kartuschenheizgerät ITR1607

REKA Hotmelt Wokstation

Product Code: ITR1619

Hotmelt Arbeitsstation ITR1619

REKA Stand

The REKA stand offers fine tuning of the compressed air from 0.15 to 7 bar, the manometer-display to control the air pressure, the bracket safely holds the dispenser and allows a secure pick up and lay down of the application tool.

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Applicator TR 55 for Hotmelt Adhesives

This hotmelt applicator with digital display enables the application of hotmelt adhesives in granular or stick form, e.g. Hot Sticks by Pattex.

The temperature is controllable from 50°C up to 210°C.

Cartridge volumes up to 330ml can be beaded or applied in dots.

Product Code: ITR1679

Hotmelt Pistole TR55 ITR1620

Hotmelt Applicator TR 700

This dispenser can be used with adhesives like Technomelt PUR 3460 and other polyurethane materials in 310ml aluminium cartridges. The temperature (120°C) is regulated with a thermostat. Application is in bead or dot form.

Product Code: ITR1615

Hotmelt Pistole TR 700 ITR1615

Hotmelt Applicator TR 70 LCD

This application tool can be used with polyurethane adhesives in 310ml aluminium cartridges and has an electronic temperature control that can be set from 50°C up to 210°C. This dispenser has a digital display and the application is by bead or dot.

Product Code: ITR1616

Hotmelt Pistole TR 70 LCD ITR1616

Hotmelt Applicator TR 80 with Work Station

Product Code: ITR1691

Hotmelt Pistole TR 80 mit Arbeitsstation ITR1617

Hotmelt Dispenser TR 60 LCD

Product Code: ITR1602

Contact us for details or enquire by email: verkauf@innotech-rot.de

Hotmelt Pistole TR 60 LCD ITR1602

Hotmelt Dispenser TR 50.40.25

Product Code: ITR1512

Hotmelt Pistole TR 50.40.25 ITR1512

Foot Pedal

Products Code: ITR1604

Fußschalter ITR1604

Basic Work Station

Product Code: ITR1605

Arbeitsstation einfach ITR1605

Hotmelt Applicator MS 80

Products Code: ITR1606

Hotmelt Pistole Reka MS80 ITR1606

KVG Cartridge Preheater 125°C

Product Code: ITR1405

KVG Kartuschenvorwärmgerät 125°C ITR1607

Pre-Melting Device VSB 40

Product Code: ITR1608

Vorschmelzbehälter VSB 40 ITR1608

Adhesive Tool Gun

Product Code: ITR1609

Klebepistole MS 200 ITR1609

Refillable Cartridge

Product Code ITR1539

Wiederbefüllbare Kartusche ITR1539

Spray Cap 2

Product Code: ITR1504

Sprühhaube 2 ITR1540

Spray Cap 1

Product Code: ITR1541

Sprühhaube 1 ITR1541

Spare metal ball 4mm

Product Code: ITR1542

Kugel 4 mm ITR1542

Distance washer

Product Code: ITR1543

Distanzscheibe ITR1543

Nozzle M14 x 2.0 complete

Product Code: ITR1547

Düse M14x2,0 komplett ITR1547

Nozzle M10

Product Code: ITR1548

Düse 10 M10 ITR1548

Nozzle M14 x 1.0

Product Code: ITR1549

Düse M14x1,0 ITR1549

Spray Nozzle

Product Code: ITR1550

Sprühdüse ITR1550

Threaded Nozzle

Diameter 1.9 mm

Product Code: ITR1551

Düse ITR1551

Spiral Nozzle

Diameter 1mm

Product Code: ITR 1552

Spiraldüse ITR1552

Injection Nozzle M14

Product Code: ITR1553

Injektionsdüse M14 ITR1553

Threaded Nozzle

Diameter 1.0mm

Product Code: ITR1554

Düse ITR1554

Threaded Nozzle

Diameter 3.0mm

Product Code: ITR1555

Düse ITR1555

Injection Needle Nozzle

Diameter 1.5mm

Product Code: ITR1556

Injektionsdüse ITR1556

Nozzle M14 and M6

Product Code: ITR1557

Düse M14 und M6 ITR1557

Nozzle Holder M14 TR50

Product Code: ITR1559

Düsenhalter M14 TR50 ITR1559

Adapter M10

Product Code: ITR1560

Adapter M10 ITR1560

Nozzle Holder M10

Product Code: ITR1561

Düsenhalter M10 ITR1561

Nozzle Attachment

Product Code: ITR1562

Düsenvorsatz ITR1562

Nozzle M10 and M6

Product Code: ITR1563

Düse M10 M6 kompl. ITR1563

Needle Nozzle 30mm 1.3mm

Product Code: ITR1564

Nadeldüse 30 mm 1,3 mm ITR1564

5-Hole Nozzle

Product Code: ITR1568

5-Loch Düse ITR1568

Nozzle Head with Slit

Product Code: ITR1569

Düsenkopf mit Schlitz ITR1569

Spray Nozzle Head

Product Code: ITR 1570

Spritzdüsenkopf ITR1570

3-Hole Nozzle

Product Code: ITR1571

3-Loch Düse ITR1571

Nozzle long 45mm

Product Code: ITR1572

Düse lang 45 mm ITR1572

Nozzle 2 Hole 8

Product Code: ITR1573

Düse 2 Loch 8 ITR1573

Nozzle with Extension

Product Code: ITR1574

Düse mit Verlängerung ITR1574

Lock Nut

Product Code: ITR1575

Verschlußmutter ITR1575

De Lang 45mm

Product Code: ITR1576

DE lang 45 mm ITR1576

De Kurz Hollow Weld Nozzle

Product Code: ITR1577

DE kurz Kehlnahtdüse ITR1577

Injection Nozzle

Product Code: ITR1579

Injektionsnadel ITR1579

Fixed Stand for ABS

Product Code: ITR1580

Stationäre Einrichtung für ABS ITR1580


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