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Heating Technology

Heating Technology – the controlled way of (pre)heating materials

Heating solutions for sealant and adhesive materials in cartridges

We recommend for sealants and adhesives with high viscosity to be pre-heated before being extruded. This will make the application process easier and more precise. For products, which will cure during the cool down phase we offer a solution where the material is constantly heated during the application process – our heated dispensing gun. Other materials might have the requirement to be heated (special high performance adhesives)

REKA Bonding Technique for Hot Melt Materials

Known as Hot Melts these are adhesives which have a solid form when at room temperature. Only by heating them they will become pliable and liquid ready to be applied to the substrate surface. The melting point is normally at about 180 -200 °C. They are solvent free and only cure after cooling down again. Hot Melts come in different solid forms (granulates, powders, films/sheets or bars called “candles”).


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