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One Component Cartridges

Empty Aluminium Cartridge 310ml

Empty aluminium cartridge including piston for self-filling with one component sealant materials or ready-mixed two component adhesives to extrude out of one cartridge.

This empty cartridge is in stock and available in small quantities.

The aluminium cartridge is ideal for materials that need pre-heating, like hotmelt granulates. After filling the cartridge with granules it can be used with our heated dispenser options.

Product Code: ITR1163

Leerkartusche 310 ml Aluminium

Cap for Aluminium Cartridges

Cap for aluminium cartridges

Product Code: ITR1719

Verschlusskappe für Aluminium Kartuschen ITR1719

Screw-On Cap for Plastic Cartridges

Screw-on cap for plastic cartridges

Verschlusskappe für Kunststoffkartuschen

Red Cap

Our red cap for plastic cartridges has a wider seam for screwing on and is therefore easier to handle; because of its red colour it is easier to indicate if the cartridge has been opened already.

Product Code: ITR1145

Verschlusskappe rot

Thin Walled Cartridge DRG 32 R 310ml

Thin walled cartridge DRG 32 R 310ml – 140 pcs per box.

Also available singly.

Product Code: ITR1226

Dünnwandkartusche 310 ml DRG 32 R

Cartridge Piston for 310ml RK 11 MB

Fits 310ml plastic cartridges.

Product Code: ITR1217

RK (I) 11 MB Kolben für 310 ml Kartuschen R

80ml Cartridge

One component plastic cartridge 80ml. Also available the piston and lurch (see below).

Product Code: ITR1223

80 ml Kartusche R (I)

Lurch AST 8 for 80ml Empty Cartridge

Black lurch for RG 8, material: HD PE

Product Code: ITR1200

Stempel zu AST 8 (I) R

RK 8 Piston

This piston fits the 80ml empty plastic cartridge.

Product Code: ITR1212

RK (I) 8 Kolben für 80 ml Kartuschen R

Clear Cartridge TRG 32 HT R 310ml R

Clear/transparent cartridge TRG 32 HT R 310ml – can be fitted with any pistons for 310ml cartridges.

Product Code: ITR1232

transparente Kartusche 310 ml TRG 32 HT R

Empty Thick Walled Plastic Cartridge 290ml RG 29 R

RG29 290ml thick walled plastic cartridge.

Product Code: ITR1242

Use with piston RK30 for 290ml thick walled cartridges.

Product Code: ITR1211

290 ml Dickwand Kartusche RG 29 (I) R

Empty Plastic Cartridge 150ml Short

150ml short cartridge.

Can be used with all 310ml pistons.

Product Code: ITR1224

200 ml Kartusche kurz R (I)

Empty Cartridge RG40 400ml

RG40 400ml cartridge

Product Code: ITR1233

RG 40 (I) 400 ml Kartsuche R

RK 40 Piston for 400ml Empty Cartridges

This piston fits 400ml cartridges RG40.

Product Code: ITR1213

RK (I) 40 Kolben für 310 ml Kartuschen R

Empty Cartridge 1 Litre

One component empty cartridge 1L

Product Code: ITR1237

1 l Leerkartuschen R

Piston for 1L Cartridges

Piston for 1L cartridges

Product Code: ITR1220

1 l Kolben R

RK 11 Premium Piston

RK 11 premium piston suitable for 310ml cartridges – high quality piston for empty 310ml cartridges.

Product Code: ITR1216

RK 11 Premium Kolben für 310 ml Kartuschen R

Cartridge Piston RK 11C

Suitable for 310ml cartridges

Product Code: ITR1215

RK 11C Kolben für 310 ml Kartuschen R

Grease Cartridge with Cap

The Lube-shuttle cartridge holds 400ml; the piston is included

Product Code: ITR1509

Fettkartusche und Deckel ITR1509

Adapter for Grease Cartridge

Product Code: ITR1510

Fitting screw cap (see above): ITR1509

Adapter für Fettkartusche und Düsenspitze ITR1510

Cartridge Piercer/Opener 388256

Cartridge piercer/opener originally by Teroson and Loctite. – Innotech distributes this product on behalf of Teroson and Loctite for all traders and customers who use aluminium cartridges. Former Teroson product code: 388256


  • No more dirty hands by piercing the cartridge
  • Easy opening of cartridge seal in the back with this device

Cartridge Piercer/Opener


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